Call for details on class scheduling

***  Course Fee $100  *** 

Holster/carry mode options
Proper and safe handling techniques
Overview of Colorado Gun Laws (Non-attorney)
Smooth draw and presentation from concealment
Challenging course of fire
Scenario-based shoot/don't shoot exercises
Shooting from compromised positions

Note: Students must provide own firearm, 9mm or higher caliber, at least 50 rounds of ammunition (100 is better), a Kydex or similar IWB or OWB strong side holster, eye and ear protection

For some really insightful information on all aspect of concealed carry, true stories of citizens just like you defending against evil or heroically saving others, product reviews and more, visit Concealed Nation. Click the logo below:

Click on your county for information on obtaining

a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) 

Please note, these are the counties I serve. If you would like to see information on other Colorado counties, please "shoot" me an email and let me know! I'll place a button for that county!

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I am not an attorney. I am not authorized to give legal advice under any circumstances. But if you have a legal question you need an answer to, and if you're versed in sifting through page after page of legal mumbo-jumbo, this website is where to go. Click on the scales.

You can find some very useful information about

reciprocity, state-by-state gun laws, and what you need to know when travelling with your firearm. Click the​ map below to visit USA Carry.

In addition to the NRA Classes I offer, a stand-alone Concealed Carry course is also available. Registration and advanced payment required. Call 303-941-8818 for details.

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