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I am a wife, a mother, a food lover, a crocheter, a passionate supporter of the 2nd Amendment and an NRA Certified Instructor. My family and I live in Parker, CO. 

* I believe responsible, law-abiding citizens should have the freedom to carry a firearm on his or her person, concealed or open, anywhere in the United States.  

* I believe women should never be heard saying, "We have a gun in our house, but I don't know how to use it." 

* I believe
knowing how to operate a firearm in a safe manner is a life skill that everyone should learn and practice. 

* I believe all children should be taught about the danger in not only the misuse of firearms, but those dangers inherent when someone is ignorant or flippant regarding their operation. 

​* I believe if you are going to purchase a gun for personal protection, you should be properly trained in its use and practice with it often!

​​"I took conceal carry class with Karen and I have to say she made it incredibly easy and comfortable for me. I had very little experience with guns prior to taking her class (almost no experience). She is not only extremely passionate about it but also very serious and always puts safely first. Not only I learn a lot of information about guns but I was very comfortable shooting different guns at the range. Karen's passion, great attitude and enthusiasm make the class FUN !!!! I highly recommend taking the class with Karen for anyone regardless of the level of experience."

Dorota Swartzendruber

"I took Karen's NRA Basic Pistol course last Friday.  Everything you said about her is right on.  She is knowledgeable, a git'er done, bottom liner with great knowledge and a teaching style to match.  Wow. I already had my CCW, and I had a good course to obtain that years ago, but her course is better.  I am up for the next level course. Thanks having her on your show.  She is my kind of woman.  Tough, smart but not ever condescending."

Elsa Shroeder

Kiowa, CO

USA Carry Registered Instructor

What some of my students have said.........

Basic and Advanced Pistol Shooting Instruction - Parker, CO

Basic Pistol * Concealed Carry * Personal Protection * Refuse to be a Victim

Who I am


"This is the first time I had been and had very little experience with handguns. You are given a LOT of information in a short period of time, safety is paramount! By the end of the class I was able to shoot and handle my gun correctly. I loved it! Karen is a top notch, enthusiastic and skilled instructor, her class is worth every penny! I can't begin to rave enough about the training and experience offered here. I highly recommend taking a class from Karen!"

Deanne Bader
Denver, CO

"I truly enjoyed this class. I consider myself an experienced shooter that has been shooting for over 40 years and still learned so much from this class. The class was interesting and very well taught by Karen. I am looking forward to taking more advanced classes in the future. Thanks for your patience and you really can teach an old dog new tricks."​

Lenord Sheesley
Northglenn, CO

"Karen is a great instructor, she is very passionate about her beliefs in guns and gun safety, which makes for an enjoyable class. She teaches you everything you need to know about safety and reviews any problem areas before shooting so you feel more comfortable at the range. From the second you start to the minute you end she is always there to answer any questions, help guide you to become a safe gun owner, and gives you great advice for accurate shooting." 

David Tanner
Aurora, CO

"When we were initially looking for an NRA instructor, I took to Facebook asking who my friends would recommend. The overwhelming response was Karen Murray and, just having completed her class, now I know why.

Karen doesn't simply have a high level of knowledge about gun safety and use, she has a skill for instructing that keeps learners engaged and interested. I think this is because of her passion for teaching others about using firearms safely and correctly. The class time moved quickly and the live-fire time on the range made my wife and I very comfortable using our new pistol. Her class was invaluable for us. She even followed up with a personal email for us specifically to ensure we knew we could call her at any time if we ever had questions. Who does that?

I just can't recommend Karen highly enough. I'd give her more stars if I could." 

Bob Kennedy



Karen Murray 
Wife * Mother * Patriot
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor